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In Mumbai’s Chembur area, a gas cylinder blast has led to the collapse of five houses. rescue successful 11 people.

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Gas cylinder explosions, a frequent and potentially devastating occurrence, recently resulted in a significant incident in Mumbai’s Chembur area. On Wednesday morning, a gas cylinder exploded in a residence near the Golf Club in Old Barrack at 7:50 am, leading to the collapse of four to five two-storey structures.

Civic officials reported that 11 individuals were successfully rescued from the debris, with some sustaining injuries, though the exact number was not specified. Immediate response teams, including the fire brigade, police, civic staff, and ambulance services, were swiftly mobilized to manage the situation.

Following the rescue operation, four members of a single family were admitted to the civic-run Shatabdi Hospital in Govandi for treatment. The injured individuals are identified as Vikas Ambhore (50), Ashok Ambhore (27), Savita Ambhore (47), and Rohit Ambhore (29).



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