Nepal Pokhara Crash Updates: Plane Crashes with 5 Indians Among 72 Onboard; 40 Killed

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A passenger plane carrying 72 people crashed on the runway of Nepal’s Pokhara International Airport. Rescue efforts are continuing, and the airport is now closed.

On Sunday morning, a 72-seater passenger plane crashed between the city’s ancient and new airports in western Nepal. According to the airport authority, 53 Nepalis, 5 Indians, 4 Russians, 1 Irish, 2 Koreans, 1 Argentinian, and a French national were on board. The Yeti Airlines plane that crashed carried 68 passengers and four crew members.

“A total of 68 passengers and four crew members were on board the Yeti Airlines aircraft that crashed between the old airport and the Pokhara International Airport,” Yeti Airlines spokeswoman Sudarshan Bartaula was cited as saying by The Kathmandu Post.

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